We are
Kongko Digital
a leading social media developer and mobile games publisher.

Kongko Digital, Pte. Ltd. (KKD) is the pioneer of mobile application and game publisher for Indonesia’s rapidly growing digital industry. Founded in May 2014 in Singapore, KKD currently operates Social Networking, Mobile Games, and Live Content. One of our leading products is Yogrt, a proximity-based mobile social network application; dedicated to connect and empower young Indonesian people in an open and fun way, withmore than 7 million

KKD consistently develop innovative products for millennials by millennials. Always continuously learn from the latest trend, mobile technology and human behaviors to understand what our users really want and need. With the understanding that every market is unique, the approach towards every market is personal. We also empower local market to grow together with us.

KKD is fully owned by two overseas subsidiaries: Akasanet Bumi Nusantara (ABN) and YouGeji. ABN is focusing on Operations and Marketing and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. YouGeji, headquartered in Shenzen, China, focus on Technical and Gaming Development.


Our team consists of young, energetic, skilled and talented professionals led by experienced leaders as follows:

Jason Lim
Leading the company and managing relationships with shareholders, financial institutions, government and media; as well as building network across current and prospective major customers and strategic partners. With reputable experience as CEO of PT Acer Indonesia, where he successfully made it the no. 1 PC brand in the country for 6 consecutive years (2007-2013). Jason graduated with merits from National University of Singapore in 1994, majoring in Business Administration.
Albern Xu
Responsible for setting the Corporate’s vision, strategy, and direction of the company. These responsibilities endorsed by the fact that Albern is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to founding KKD, he co-founded 2 different companies in China. He graduated in 2010 from Yanbian University of China majoring in Computer Science.
Roby Muhammad
He is the executor. Responsible for high-profile projects with direct impact on core operations as delegated by the executive leaders. Roby has a Ph.D. in Sociology (Social Network) from Columbia University, New York, specializing in big data analytics using social media.


To be the leading mobile application publisher that connects and empowers young people around the world in an open and fun way.


In a digital economy, the only thing that never changes is change itself. Our mission is to always delight our customers by delivering high quality products & services in this dynamic digital world.